Aberystwyth University Christian Union

The Christian Union is a society of the Aberystwyth University Student Union. We come together for fellowship, prayer, Bible study and to tell other students about the good news that God's son Jesus Christ has died and risen again to save everyone who believes in him from their sins.

Are you new to Aber?

Check out our list of local churches in the area.

Also, take a look at our weekly events. If you've just joined the university and you want to take part in the CU, come to our Real Food meetings and main meeting on Fridays. But don't think you need to be a Christian to come along!

Are you an international student?

Check out some of our events for international students to take part in. Anyone is welcome!

Are you a CU member?

Check out the weekly events to see times for prayer meetings, Real Food, WNO and other things you can take part in. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest news and events.

Are you a Welsh speaker?

There is also a Welsh Christian Union.